15 Things That Make Working Out Less Miserable

3. RockMyRun (free, iOS and Android) will help you reach your goals with high-energy mixes.


This app is a great way to spice up your daily, ho-hum runs. Choose from RockMyRun’s many high-energy mixes based on the tempo you want. If you’re working toward a goal, like a faster 5K or a two-hour half-marathon, there are specific playlists that will build the tempo gradually, over the course of the race, so you’ll move from 120 BPM to 140 BPM without even realizing!

To unlock all of the mixes, you’ll need to upgrade to a “Rockstar Membership” at $5/month or $36 per year.


4. If you like to do different types of workouts, FitRadio(free, iOS, Android, Blackberry) is where it’s at.


Every beat-bumping mix is sorted by genre, beats per minute (BPM), and workout. From Tabata to Zumba, from country to hip-hop, there are thousands of DJ-curated playlists to choose from. Each mix has a consistent BPM so it won’t take you to the next level, but you can simply switch to a mix with a higher, more challenging BPM (just don’t overdo it).

On the free tier, you get one genre, plus three to six additional mixes of various genres, all with ads. You can unlock all mixes, without ads, with a monthly or yearly subscription plan (ranges from $3 to $36).

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