15 Things That Make Working Out Less Miserable

13. Superhero Workout ($3, iOS and Android) trains you to save the world.


You’re a pilot defending Earth from alien invaders and must punch, mountain-climb, and power-squat to save our planet! Superhero Workout uses your device’s front-facing camera to track your reps and calories. Its mix of rapid workouts and bodyweight exercises are also optimized for Apple TV, so it’s just as easy to work out in front of a big screen.

14. Ninja Fitness (free, iOS) will train you to be fast and strong, just like an old grandmaster.


Via itunes.apple.com

You’ll be guided by a “legendary trainer,” the very sassy Grandmaster Old Beard through the course of your practice, which will get progressively more difficult. Each workout is a combination of strength, cardio, and yoga, and as you complete workouts, you’ll earn new outfits, armor, and weapons for your own 3D avatar ninja. His or her strength, agility, endurance, and zen points will increase with your own.

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