12 People Who Lost 50+ Pounds Share Their Best Advice

Real tips you can put into practice from people who have made epic lifestyle changes.

1. Make healthy changes one at a time and build on each one.


Courtesy Signe Heffernan

“I started walking home from work … a 3.5-mile walk. I did this for six months and then started eating healthy: I cut out all sugar, all processed foods, and then a year into walking home three to five days a week I hired a personal trainer and started lifting weights and doing circuit training (weights, push-ups, squats, etc.) and interval training (sprints).

Take it slow in the beginning: Build a routine into your schedule that you can commit to. I stopped buying my bus pass home so I had to walk home. Once you have a routine you can try building upon it — add in healthy food or start lifting weights. Keep changing it up and adding in new challenges to push yourself.”

—Signe Heffernan (lost 126 pounds in about two years)

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